NASCAR: Five Things That Will Happen Before The 2018 Season Ends

#5 Kevin Harvick nabs ten wins.

Kevin Harvick has already won five races this season and he very well could win another five before the end of the 2018 season. In fact, he has been on such a role lately in the #4 Freaky Fast forward that its not hard to imagine him winning more then ten races. Keep in mind that the last two people to achieve that feat were Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, who are both multi times champion.

Kyle Busch might achieve the same, especially since he has 6 wins so far this season, but only if other guys aren’t able to nab up a few wins before the year is over.  In the end, it might not be the most exciting prediction for the season, but it is an important one that shows just how dominant and talented these drivers, these teams and these owners really are.

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