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Kyle Busch accused of Being Rude To Fans During The Snowball Derby.

Kyle Busch is a man that simply cant catch a break. Not only is he constantly hounded with gotcha question after gotcha question from reporters in hopes of getting him to say something controversial, his every move is watched on social media as well. While Busch doesn’t mind the negative attention most of the time, he probably even revels in it for fun, he did take exception to one person’s reports about him after the 50th annual Snowball Derby.’s, Matt Weaver, took to twitter during the annual Snowball derby and claimed that everyone that entered the race signed a helmet for him, but when the helmet was passed to Kyle Busch, he declined to sign the helmet. Although this does fall in line with what most fans think Kyle Busch would do in this situation, Busch responded to the claims with a tweet of his own.

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Below is Matt Weaver’s original tweet and Kyle Busch’s awesome response.

Weaver then responded with an apology to the former Monster Energy Cup Series champion


Its not known exactly what happened in the case of Kyle Busch and the unsigned helmet, but its admittedly easy to paint Kyle Busch as the villain in any scenario. In fact, NASCAR fans and media pundits have been doing it all year long when Busch was accused countless times of not congratulating young drivers on their first wins, but other young drivers quickly came to Busch’s defense ,claiming that they had congratulated him privately.

In the end, maybe we all need to change our perception of Kyle Busch a bit and stop thinking the worst of him every time his name pops up in the headlines due to this controversy or that controversy. Needless to say that this site is guilty of doing this as well and with 2018 right around the corner, maybe our collective New Years resolution needs to be to be nicer to Kyle Busch.







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