NASCAR: Five Major News Stories Fans May Have Missed This Week 11/29-12/4

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The NASCAR offseason is in high gear and while fans probably wont get very many answers in regards to formats and rule changes for next season, there have been a lot of interesting storylines at play in the meantime. Of course its obvious the best is yet to come, especially with rumors of salary caps, changes to segment racing and the constant threat of retirements all looming in the coming months, but here are five rumors and stories that has been unfolding this week in NASCAR.

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5. New rule change

Apparently NASCAR isn’t done selling its soul yet and have now decided to start allowing companies to have their products promoted by NASCAR online. The move allows teams to opt into a program where NASCAR teams could potentially be asked to help sell products. That would include drivers, team owners, crew members, crew chiefs and anyone else with a following to promote for these businesses.

With that being said. this makes NASCAR more of a corporate shell then ever before and it will show when the season starts. How could they not when their feeds are flooded  with this product and that product. Its probably going to get annoying pretty quick and is going to lead to even more people leaving the sport. The question is, how far does NASCAR go with this.

“The basic idea (of the contingency program) is good, but like the CD versus music downloads, we need to rethink how this works,” Chip Gannasi co-owner and Chairman of The Race Team Alliance,,Rob Kauffman, said,”. “Just filling up the front quarter panel with a ton of stickers is not really effective in and of itself. So is there a better way? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

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