NASCAR: Five Drivers Worth Rooting For And Five Drivers Not Worth Rooting For in 2018

Not worth it:  Paul Menard

While a lot of this pick might have to do with the fact that Wood Brothers Racing didn’t take a chance on another young star like they did with Ryan Blaney and instead choose to go with Paul Menard for the 2018 season, Paul Menard doesn’t exactly have the kind of performance worth rooting for either. In fact, he only had two top-five’s and three top-ten’s in 2018 and of course he failed to make The Playoffs as well.

Add to that only one fluke win in his entire career and you have all the makings of a bust. Of course Paul Menard could turn the sport on its head and prove the sport wrong, but what are the chances of something like that happening? Sure, The Wood Brothers  will still have a partnership with Penske Racing, which might help Menard in a lot of ways, but with Penske switching to a three car team in 2018, they have enough growing pains of their own.

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