NASCAR: Five Drivers Worth Rooting For And Five Drivers Not Worth Rooting For in 2018

Not worth it: Denny Hamlin

Not many people are going to make the mistake of rooting for Denny Hamlin after how he took out Chase Elliott at Martinsville, which effectively robbed him of a position in the final four, but this pick is just in case some people need convincing otherwise. Not only does Hamlin have a monumental target on his back as the war between him and Elliott rage on, he also will have to deal with a rookie ruckus that could leave him out of the playoffs altogether.

Sure, Hamlin has been consistent at JGR and did win two races last year, but all of that was easily overshadowed by what happened between him and Chase Elliott throughout the final races of the season. With that in mind, and the horde of Chase Elliott fans that will hate your guts if you choose to follow the controversial driver, it really just isn’t not worth it in an sense of the word.

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