NASCAR: Five Drivers Worth Rooting For And Five Drivers Not Worth Rooting For in 2018

Worth it: Ryan Blaney

There’s just something about that Penske power and that’s only one of the many reasons why Ryan Blaney will be one of the biggest threats for the title during the 2018 season. Yes, there will probably be some growing pains to be had, especially since Blaney’s move to Penske will make the organization a three driver team, but his talent could quickly pay dividends for the team and make Penske as unstoppable as ever.

Again, there might be a learning curve and it may not happen all at once, but how can you count out a driver that made it to the elite eight with last year and was mere positions away from making it to the final four for the first time in his career. Add to that the fact that he got his first career win at Pocono last season and almost followed it up by getting win #100 for Wood Brothers at Watkins Glen and you have a guaranteed title threat for 2018.

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