NASCAR: Five Drivers Worth Rooting For And Five Drivers Not Worth Rooting For in 2018

Its probably a bad idea to tell people who to root for.

With that being said and the 2018 season right around the corner, fans have a right to know which drivers are the real deal and worth cheering for and which drivers will only leave them with feelings of anger and sadness after each and every race. In the end, its up to the fans who to throw their support behind and who not to, but they should at least be informed in the decisions they are making.

That’s why is proud to present, five drivers worth rooting for and five drivers not worth rooting for during the 2018 season. The list will have various reasons for each pick and give fans a chance to look at stats, strength of team and other important factors when deciding if a driver is going to be success or not. If nothing else, this at least allows the fans to make an informed decision when picking out who to root for.

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