Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch Brad Keseowski

NASCAR driver caught threatening to violently wreck Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch Brad Keseowski

There are just things you never do!

While many outside of the sport believe that wrecks are the only reason why NASCAR is even remotely watchable, they fail to realize the impact on drivers lives that these kinds of incidents have Beyond that, they fail to realize what it can sometimes do to the fans as well.

For example, in the Spring 2008 race at Talladega Super Speedway, Brad Keselowski spun Carl Edwards to win his first cup race and sent Edwards into the catch fence. The car was instnatly sliced up by the metal barrier that separates fans from the cars, with debris going everywhere.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, several of the fans were injured as a result of the incident and needed medical treatment. The same thing happened again during 2013 when Kyle Laron’s car went into the catch fence after a huge wreck unfolded coming to the line.

With that being said, Ricky Stenhouse Jr apparently had none of that in mind when he decided to threaten to violently wreck Kyle Busch and put him into the grandstands. He told the fans to move back if it happens but didn’t seem all that concerned with that part of it.

“I hope we get this thing back good to go so I can get back to him. If I do, you can tell the front row of the grandstands to move back. “

In all honesty, he’s probably not all that serious about the remark and was just caught up in the moment. With that in mind, however, the comments, along with his less than stellar record on the track, are a bad mix and could end up eventually leaving him without a ride.

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