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NASCAR Chairman and CEO, Brian France, Caught Lying To Fans During Interview

Brian France,
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Brian France isn’t exactly the most believed man in the world. Sure, there are probably some drivers, teams and other personnel that like him, but a lot of fans dislike The NASCAR CEO and their not exactly without merit. In fact, France’s latest scandal, which consists of him outright being rude to NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Champion, Martin Truex Jr during the ring ceremony, has a lot fans calling France very out of touch with reality and his fan base.

Unfortunately for those that thought the incident at the award show would be the worst thing he did this year, his statements during the State of NASCAR address at the end of the season take the cake by several miles. With that being said, Brian France made a lot of interesting statements during this interview and while most of them are lies, there are many show the man is delusional

For example, France decided to tell reporters at the press conference that he was,” glad that we made all the decisions that we made in the last 5-8 years. Thank goodness we did each and every one of those.”  While that might sound like an apology to fans for the years of changing playoff formats, the overtime line, the restart line and the new qualifying system, he still hasn’t made the changes that fans wanted.

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Sure, NASCAR did finally chance the overtime rule, which was a pretty monumental feat on its own, but that still doesn’t make up for the addition of stage racing, stage points, and the new restrictions on Cup driver competing in lower tier series. Seriously though! To sit there and actually try to put a positive spin on some of the worst changes in NASCAR history  is just sickening!

These changes ruined the sport for so many people, including my own parents who sometimes outright refuse to watch racing due to all the changes. Now this is a family that acted like weekends like Talladega, Martinsville Daytona, and Bristol were considered holidays and we barely ever watch a race together anymore. Dad does watch it sometimes, but only if its a big race or a playoff race.

Again, die hard fans. People who went to several races throughout their life, including The 2008 Daytona 500. The 2012 Coke Zero 400 a 2000 Pocono race and several qualifying duels. People who used to spend money on jackets and replica cars, but now we don’t even look at The NASCAR shop when it comes to what to get each other for Christmas or another Holiday.

With that being said, my mom now cant be bothered to watch racing, especially after the retirement of Dale Earnhardt Jr, my dad only watches the end of races due to the stage racing and i miss some races due to sleeping in. Its not a good situation in our house when it comes to NASCAR and rampant changes that Brian France is proud of is the reason why.

He also stated that, “We’ve had a great year,”  “Not a good year, a great year. That’s evidence of the competition, particular in the playoffs.” This one just seems outright delusional with the retirement of Danica Patrick, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Danica Patrick and Carl Edwards has all happened in the last calendar year, not to mention the addition of stage racing, stage points, encumbered wins and shady playoff eliminates that made it even less bearable.

Don’t get me wrong, myself and several people i know tried to shift through the multiple errors made on NASCAR’s part and trying to find some crumb of positiveness, but there was very little to found and what was found, wasn’;t enough to sustain a worthwhile relationship with the sport. Not only that, NASCAR continues to make change after change and then wonders where its audience is going.

You want to know where they’re going Mr. France? They’re going to the internet because the sport is no longer something to set around and watch for hours, its become a stat that we look up on our phone. They’re also going to Youtube and playing for races in the background while we do other things. They may  check out the race every now and then and tune in towards the end, but trust me, their minds are elsewhere.

Fortunately  for NASCAR, they at least got one thing right when they said,” “Attention times, the platforms they want to view and consume our sport, they’re changing. TV is still and always will be critically important. But, other things are giving us a great opportunity and we’re positioned well there.” That said, they aren’t realizing that the dwindling attention span is due to not wanting to go through all the hoops to get to the end.

NASCAR has become something we glance at and not something we actually and actively watch. That’s what’s gotta change here, instead though, NASCAR is just pandering and half fixing the problem by switching up their marketing strategies. What they aren’t doing is trying to fix the product and make better for the fans that were loving enough to stick around. Who has the time when you gotta focus on bleeding them of every last dollar they have?

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Brian France caught Acting Rude To Martin Truex During NASCAR Award Show 


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