NASCAR: Biggest Surprises and Disappointments So Far This Season!

Disappointment emphasis on standing for the anthem.

NASCAR has put an emphasis on patriotism over the last couple of years and while one would hope that was due to actual feelings of patriotism, it seems to be more of a way to court fans away from The NFL. Not only is that evident by NASCAR repeatedly reminding viewers every week that standing for the flag in their sport is mandatory, but also by how elaborate their pre-race patriotism has gotten.

NASCAR even brought cars down victory lane and stopped them for a few second for a moment of silence earlier this month, which was fine, but they had never done it before. With that being said, it really seems like NASCAR is more interested in bringing fans that are upset with The NFL over to NASCAR and it’s not a battle that NASCAR can win.

In the end, Football might have its detractors, but it is also the main reason that NASCAR’s NBC schedule is riddled with races on their secondary network. In other words, NASCAR might be taking a more popular stance with their opinion on protesting the anthem, but The NFL is still a larger ratings grabber and will thus be given Sunday afternoon spot over NASCAR.

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