NASCAR: Biggest Surprises and Disappointments So Far This Season!

Disappointments: Chevy only having one win.

NASCAR fans knew there would be some growing pains when Chevrolet introduced their new Camaro for The Cup Series, but no one thought it would be this bad! In fact, in 18 races so far this season, Chevrolet only stands with one win, which was at Daytona in February. Not only is that horrible competition wise for NASCAR, it’s also bad for Chevrolet and their playoff hopes as well.

Maybe things will improve as time goes on and Chevrolet teams have time to adjust the cars to be competitive, but its going to be rough going until then. Furthermore, Chevrolet seems to be going backwards, especially after how subpar Chevrolets performed last season and it could take longer then one season for Chevrolet to even be competitive again.

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