NASCAR: Biggest Surprises and Disappointments So Far This Season!

Surprise: Erik Jones winning at Daytona

Maybe it was just the nature of how Erik Jones won the race, but it seemed more like a matter of absolute luck than anything else for him to win at Daytona. Not only was that evident by the multi car accidents that took out contender after contender, but also by just how many legitimate threats for the win were left in the field.

In fact, besides Martin Truex Jr, who finished second, there really wasn’t a driver that could challenge Jones at that point in the race, which basically made it his to lose. That’s not to say that great things can’t come from this win and that it wasn’t far earned, one should just remain cautious of it being indicative of a championship run later in the season.

In the end, anyone could have won that race and Jones just wound up being in the right place at the right time. Again, he deserves it and it was hard fought, but if any factor would have gone differently in that race, he might not have made it to victory lane that night. In fact, if someone would have moved him out of the way, it could have been any number of drivers that were out front.

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