NASCAR: Biggest Surprises and Disappointments So Far This Season!

Disappointment: Darrell Waltrip’s commentary

Maybe not everyone feels this way, but it seems like Darrell Waltrip is looking more and more out of place in the Fox Sports broadcast booth every season. It also seems like the longer that Waltrip is removed from his on track career, the more he forgets what it feels like to be in a race car and his commentary reflects that.

He might be able to relieve the feelings of being a Cup Series winner and champion, but his strategies seem to be comprised of relics from the past. Not only does that prevent Waltrip from adequately explaining the sport to the fans, his age, odd demeanor and southern draw doesn’t exactly endear him to newer fans either.

In the end, it might be time for Waltrip to hang up the headset, or at least be used in a limited role on The Fox Sports broadcast.

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