NASCAR: Biggest Surprises and Disappointments So Far This Season!


Surprises and Disappointments are inevitable in any sport and NASCAR is no exception to that role. Not only is that evident by the multitude of disappointments NASCAR has endured throughout this season, but also by the surprises it has offered fans as well. Of course the season is only at the halfway point and there is still a lot of action to see before Homestead, but what has been the best and worst so far?

With that being said and a lot going on in the world of NASCAR right now, here are ten of the biggest surprises so far this NASCAR season and ten of the biggest disappointments. Please keep in mind that these are opinion based and what you found a big disappointment or surprise might be different from what someone else did.

Also keep in mind that disappointments and surprises don’t just have to pertain to on the track or involving the drivers, it can also relate to sponsors, decisions made by NASCAR or anything else that pertains to the sport. As always, let us know what your thoughts are below and tell us what you think the biggest disappointment has been so far.

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