Must See: Bruan Strowman Flips A Semi Truck Live On Raw After Being Fired By Kurt Angle


Bruan Strowman went on a rampage after being fired by Kurt Angle for his actions last week on Monday Night Raw and while he was eventually reinstated in order to keep the peace backstage,  the announcement only came after Strowman went on a absolute rampage throughout the first hour of Monday Night Raw. In fact, he even tipped over a Semi Truck in the parking garage after disengaging it from the television booth.

Unfortunately for Kurt Angle, things didn’t end there as Strowman continued to wreck havoc backstage and even came out to the ring to raise more hell. Once Strowman made his way back out to the ring, he turned his attention to the announce table, which sent the broadcast team scrambling for cover as they tried to get away from the monster among men.

Michael Cole got caught by Strowman, who looked like he was about to throw him into the Monday Night Raw set, but Angle interfered and announced that Stephanie McMahon had reinstated Strowman. Not only that, Strowman would be reinserted into the Universal Championship match with Brock Lesnar and Kane, which means he still has a chance to win his first title at The Royal Rumble.

With that being said and Strowman flipping over an ambulance with his bare hands earlier in the year, this is a moment that deserves a second look from The WWE Universe. That’s why you can check out the video below and see The Monster among men in all his awesomeness. Will it be be enough to stop both Lesnar and Kane and win The Universal Title? Let us know in the comments below!



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