Monday Night Raw Results 11/27/17


Monday Night Raw opens with a promo package of what happened last week between Bruan Strowman and Kane during Strowman’s match with Jason Jordan.

Roman Reigns starts off the show fresh off his IC title win against The Miz in last weeks main event on Raw. The announcers play up the fact that Roman Reigns is now a grand slam champion, having won every title The WWE has had to offer.  Reigns spends some time talking up The IC title victory last week, before he is stopped from Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas from The Miz Tourage, who offer up Elias  as an opponent to Reigns.


Elias and Reigns trade jabs to end the segment. Reigns then turns to the crowd and holds up The IC title, which causes them to cheer wildly. Seth Rollins comes out to congratulate Rollins on his title victory and then it is revealed that Rollins has a match against Cesaro next on Raw.


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