Monday Night Raw Breaking News and Results: 12/4/17

Raw comes back on the air with a promo video of Kane and Bruan Strowman. The video details what happeend last week during the main event of Monday Night Raw last week.  The camera then cuts to backstage, where Enzo Amore is talking up the fatal four way match for the number one contendership for The Cruserweight title. He tells other stars to seize their opportunity and that they shouldn’t lose and then lose again.

Nia Jax then comes up to Amore and looks at him smiling. Amore looks scared as Nia Jax asks Amore how he’s doing before walking off. It looks like the two might become a couple soon in the same vain that James Ellsworth was Carmella’s bitch for awhile.

Good luck with that WWE.

Drew Gulak versus Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander and Tony Neese.

The match absolutely  wowed the crowd with a double suplex off the top rope and another high risk move later i nthe match. Drew Gulak stole the victory by covering Ali after Alexander hit his finisher on Ali but wasn’t able to capitalize on it. Gulak then tried to give a power point presentation, but was cut off by Elias walking to the ring. It seems that his concert is up next and his opponent could be Kurt Angle if were lucky.



Rich Swan will face Drew Gulak to determine the new number one contender next week on Raw.

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