Monday Night Raw Breaking News and Results: 12/4/17

Roman Reigns versus Jason Jordan for The IC Title.

I really dont know what the point was in making Jordan look so freaking strong, but Jordan had the match almost won sweveral times before it was all said and done. Jordan even countered the superman punch with a standing drop kick for a long three count. He threw him into the steel steps, moved him from ring post to ring post several times and nailed three consecutive suplexes for a two count as well.

In the end though, Roman Reigns nailed the super man punch at the right time and the right place to get the win over Jordan. Joe then taunted Reigns on how long it took him to beat Jason Jordan and stormed the ring to battle Roman Reigns. Reigns was too tired to keep fighting and fell victim to a kookena clutch before being attacked by Jordan and being forced to retreat.

What are your thoughts on this. Does Jason Jordanlook too strong here.

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