Monday Night Raw Breaking News and Results: 12/4/17

Raw then comes back on the air with the announcement that Bruan Strowman versus Kane was booked for next week. Also next week, Swann will take on Gulak for a shot at Enzo Amore’s Cruserweight title. The Bar then makes their way to the ring for their tag team title match against The Shield. The crowd is absolutely unimpressed with The Bar and are completely behind The Shield Right Now.

Alot of action in this one. The Bar pretty much dominated the middle half of the match after Rollins was sent into the ring post before the commercial break. Rollins gets destroyed throughout the and end of the match, but gets the hot tag to Ambrose who gets in some offense before going down to a vicious knee from Sheamus. Ambrose makes the tag to Rollins, who hits Sheamus with a triple suplex, one of which was off the top rope.  He then goes for the pin with the falcons arrow, but only gets a two.

Seth Rollins versus The Neutralizer into the knee for a long two count. Sheamus breaks up the pin to save his team ,but is disqualified after continuously attacking Seth Rollins until The Referee finally calls for the bell. The Bar then makes their way up the ramp, but they are interpreted by Kurt Angle, who restarts the match with a no disqualification rule attached  to it

Ambrose nails Cesaro with a clothesline and Rollins hits a frog splash for a two count. Samoa Joe interrupts the match and is chased from the ring by Reigns. Sheamus finally hits Ambrose with The Brogue kick for the victory. and get to keep the tag team titles.

It now looks like The Bar and Samoa Joe are a new group and will be battling The Shield for the next few weeks for so.



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