Monday Night Raw Breaking News and Results: 12/4/17

Raw from the Staples Center starts off with a video segment of last week’s match between Roman Reigns and Elias Sampson for The IC Title. They make sure to highlight Roman Reigns getting ambushed by Samoa Joe after the match, which could mean that Samoa Joe interferes in some way in Roman Reigns’s match with Jason Jordan for The IC title tonight.

Kurt Angle starts off Raw interacting with the crowd while they yell you suck and cheer wildy for him. Brian Saxton then tells the audience that only in WWE is a you suck chant a good thing, but he is quickly cut off by the beggining of Angles speech, and one has to wonder if that was intentional or not. The announcers play up the fact that Kurt Angle is going to choose a new contender for Roman Reigns IC title, which prompts Jason Jordan to interupt him.

Jason Jordan begs his dad for awhile, telling him that he has held his own agaisnt Roman Reigns, John Cena and countless others. Angle responds by telling him that he’s not 100% due to his knee and he cant be seriously asking him for a title shot right now. Reigns then interrupts both Angle and Jason Jordan to tell Jordan that he wont be getting a title shot tonight and if he wants one he has to earn it.

This cuases Samoa Joe to come out and demand a title shot of his out, which Jordan responds to by calling Joe a coward for hitting Reigns from behind. Reigns tells Jordan to back off and pushes out of the way. Reigns and Joe have a stare down before Jason Jordan pulls Reigns to face him and hits Reigns with a suplex. Jordan bails after that, which cuases Reigns to demand an IC title match with Jordan right now and tells Samoa Joe to wait for later.

Reigns then tells Angle to make the match.

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