Michael McDowell Caught Trash Talking Chase Elliott On Twitter After Daytona Wreck


There are two types of NASCAR fans nowadays.

Fans that think Chase Elliott is the future of the sport and can do no wrong and those that are getting extremely tired of his humble attitude. One of the people that seems fed up with Elliott’s attitude is Michael McDoweel, who after being blamed for the lap 97 incident that took him, Elliott and several other cars out of the running, took to twitter to give his side of the story.

This comes only two days after the driver audio from the Firecracker 400 were released and Chase Elliott was cuaght calling Mcdowell several unflattering names after an on track incident. “,That is the biggest dumbass I’ve ever seen in my life,” Elliott said, per the North State Journal during radio communications with his team. “That son of (expletive) couldn’t drive a wooden screw through (expletive).”

McDowell responded on twitter to the former rookie of the year with the following.

Whats interesting here is that this is the first time Chase Elliott has been called out on his driving style in The Cup Series and its not known how he’ll handle this. Furthermore, it will be even more interesting to see how NASCAR fans handle this, especially it is much more likely that fans are going to rally Chase Elliott in this matter and not behind Cup veteran, McDowell

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