Martin Truex Jr Wants NASCAR To Consider Controversial Rule Change For 2018


NASCAR is an ever changing entity and while sometimes a rule change has massive benefits to NASCAR drivers, the fans seem to feel like it cheapens the sport a little bit. While NASCAR fans are usually right when it comes to these kinds of rule changes, especially the overtime line which drove fans nuts ever since it was brought into the sport last year, there are times when a rule is very beneficial and could even spice up the action a bit.

For example, NASCAR officials have been considering a cone rule at short tracks that would allow for drivers to pick their lane on restarts. The rule would be especially helpful during overtime situations and the last restart of the race, where drivers would be able to pick the line they want and not lose the race due to a line not working. Fortunately for these drivers NASCAR seems to want to expand it to all tracks as well!

“Yes. I think it’d be a great rule,” Truex said after practice at Darlington, “I go back to Michigan 1, and we had the car to beat by quite a bit. I mean, we were so fast. We passed the leader three or four different times. We got off on pit sequence and we were like fourth or fifth, and every single restart on the last four or five restarts of the race, I think we got the bottom lane, and every time we’d lose two or three spots. It absolutely takes you out of a shot to win.”

Not everyone is all for it however, as a multitude of fans have already called out the procedure change for giving drivers too much power and not allowing them to just race. Of course that’s the complaint NASCAR fans have with any rule change that has taken place over the last couple of years, but hopefully once they see the new amount of gamesmanship and strategy this brings to the table, they’ll be able to appreciate it too!

“I think it’s a good thing,” Truex said about the rule change and how the other drivers in The Cup Series feel about it,”. “I think the drivers are all in favor of it because you can kind of control your destiny a bit more, so typically when we can do that, the fans in NASCAR kind of vote the other way, so we’ll see how it goes but I would definitely be in favor of it.”




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