Major Change Made To Universal Title Match At The Royal Rumble



Its true, its damn true.

Well, its as true as it can be considering that things can always change in The WWE landscape, but Kurt Angle started off Monday Night Raw by firing Bruan Strowman for his actions last week on Raw. Angle also announced that Bruan Strowman would be removed from The Universal Title match between himself, Brock Lesnar and Kane that was slated for The Royal Rumble pay per view.

Strowman’s firing comes only one week after The Monster Among men literally buried Brock Lesnar and Kane under a backstage set after pulling it down with a grappling hook to topple both the beast and The Demon. Kane was somehow able to walk away under his own power, but Brock Lesnar had to be stretchered out of the arena after the sneak attack by Strowman.

After the announcement was made by Kurt Angle on Monday Night Raw, Strowman was escorted out of the arena by security, but hinted at the fact that he wasn’t leaving. With that being said, its not known where this leaves his appearance in The Mixed Match challenge next week on Facebook, but the belief is that he will be reinstated before the match and also be able to compete at The Royal Rumble.

Once the commercial break was over, Strowman was seen beating up security guards as they tried to persuade him to leave. Strowman ended the segment by claiming that he wasn’t finished until everyone got these hands, which could mean that Strowman’s rampage will continue throughout the night and could even lead to him being reinstated for the match.

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