Major Backstage update On Sami Zayn’s Injury


Sami Zayn hasn’t been seen by The WWE Universe since losing to Bobby Lashley at Money In The Bank and it has since been revealed that he was taking time off due to various injuries. While the original report didn’t mention specifics on what injuries Zayn was suffering from, but it is now being reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that  he is having problems with his shoulder and knee.

The news comes after a disappointing feud with Bobby Lashley, which culminated in Lashely squashing Zayn after a very one sided contest. Fans originally thought the short and at times one sided nature of the match was just a way to get Lashely over as a beast, but it is now being said that it was to help cover up the injuries he was suffering from.

It was also reported by that Zayn is scheduled to go to Birmingham Alabama to be evaluated, which could mean that it could be awhile before The WWE Universe sees Zayn again. Unfortunately for Zayn, it is the second injury of his main roster career and comes at a time when interest in his character was waning heavily.

Of course a lot of that has to do with the absolutely abysmal storylines that WWE has given Zayn over the past month or so, but some of it could be WWE refusing to push him as well. Either way, Zayn finds himself once again on the shelf with an injury and could very well be relegated back to the midcard upon his return.

What are your thoughts? Should WWE continue to push Zayn even when he keeps getting injured? Will WWE ever see Zayn as a main event star? Let us know in the comments below!




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