Kyle Larson Takes Shot At Kyle Busch During Interview


Maybe there will actually be a feud after all.

While rivalries are one of the things that NASCAR was built upon, it is also something that doesn’t happen very often anymore and rarely has the desired payoff when it finally does. Of course a lot of that has to do with NASCAR’s strict rules when it comes to incidents on the track and after the race, but every once in a while, it finally happens!

In fact, thats what happened last week at Chicagoland speedway, where Kyle Busch managed to spin Kyle Larson out to win the race. To be fair, Larson got into Busch first and both men were only trying to gain an edge going into the final turns, but to see a young driver almost screwed out of a win was hard to see. That, along with the fact that Kyle Busch proceeded to rub it in fans faces after climbing out of his winning racecar kind of created a villain of sorts in NASCAR fans minds.

With that being said and the fact that some rivalries never seem to pan out, it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward. What will make it even more interesting however is the fact that Kyle Larson has taken a couple of shots at Kyle Busch’s expense during an interview, which seems to be an indication that the two are gearing up for a part two if one crosses the other.

“Yeah, I’ve read a little bit of it. I would say it was all good in my direction,” Larson said of NASCAR fans reactions to the incident between him and Busch  last week “I think there’s still a lot of people who really don’t like Kyle Busch that have some things to say about him. I don’t know, it’s been cool to see and nice to see the support and see the passion of a lot of race fans.”

While the comments seem innocent in nature, Larson wasted no time telling Busch who’s side fans were on. Not only could that be something that motivates the two drivers to stay competitive, it also gives the chance of prolonging the rivalry. Of course NASCAR probably doesn’t want boys having at it again due to the implications to the championship, its still something a lot of fans want to happen.

Moving forward, Larson also told reporters what he would have done differently during that last lap, claiming,”“I’ve probably watched the last two laps at least 20 times … or more,” Larson said Thursday after opening Monster Energy Series practice at Daytona International Speedway. “I don’t know, I feel like off Turn 2, it worked out real well to get in front of him. I guess, I’d have liked to have (turns) 3 and 4 back to run in there a little further, but like even Kyle mentioned, he thought that I was going to do that to try and get away from him, and then he was going to stick the bottom to get underneath me.”

Interestingly enough, that pretty much means that Larson thinks he should have tried harder to wreck Busch to secure the victory at Chicagoland. In the end, fans probably wanted that one back to, especially since it would give the closest thing they have to a rising star in Kyle Larson, it also could have been an even bigger ratings moment!

What are your thoughts? Will this keep the rivalry going? Let us know in the comments below!


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