Kyle Busch gives insane conspiracy theory for why NASCAR penalized him

Let’s be honest here.

Kyle Busch is the most polarizing driver in The Monster Energy Cup Series today and while a lot of that has to do with just how outright dominant the man is, it also has to do with his attitude as well. In fact, his short temper and loud mouth have gotten him in trouble in the past.

Beyond that, its also gotten to the point where Kyle Busch has taken out his anger on other drivers in the past, which has only polarized him further in the eyes of fans. With that being said, however, it was his comments after being penalized at Kansas that has the internet talking.

Kyle Busch made a routine pitstop under caution with 49 laps to go and his team ended up getting him out ahead of everyone else. Unfortunately for Busch however, he was caught passing too many pit boxes in a short amount of time and was sent to the rear of the field.

Even worse though was the fact that NASCAR then fell victim to another scoring problem and had to let the race run under caution for several laps while they reset the order. When the order was finally set, Kyle Busch was scored back in 40th due to being the only car penalized during the caution

Busch was radioed about the penalty as he was catching up to the pacecar and was not happy about NASCAR’s call. In fact, he even tried to chalk it up to Officials getting back at him for his comments last week about the new aero package at Dover.

Below is a transcript of Busch’s conversation with crew chief Adam Stevens.

Crew: “You drove through too many boxes on entry.”

Kyle Busch: “I swear, anytime you say anything you get shit handed to you. But yet, others do it and it ain’t for them.”

Adam Stevens (#18 crew chief): “I counted the boxes bud. We damn sure drove through four boxes coming in.”

Busch thought the penalty was in response to his comments last week about the aero package at Dover and thought officials were cheating him out of a victory. Busch would then go on to finish Saturday night’s race in 30th place, which would destroy his chance of breaking Morgan Shepard’s record of 11 straight top-ten finishes.

In all honesty, Kyle Busch was probably just caught up in the heat of the moment and wrongly accused NASCAR of intentionally penalizing him, but that’s still not a good look for a company struggling to maintain a positive public imagine.

In the end, it’s pretty funny that Kyle Busch thought this was all some sort of conspiracy, and he should probably apologize for his comments about NASCAR officials as well. Beyond that, he might want to relax and enjoy the ride a little bit more, especially since his first in points with three wins this season.

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