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Kyle Busch Calls Out Popular Monster Energy Cup Series Driver For Costing Him The Championship At Homestead



NASCAR is a very unique sport.

While almost every other sport imaginable eliminates teams or players as they move throughout the postseason NASCAR drivers get to continue to compete even after they have been eliminated from playoff contention. Of course not everyone is happy about that and while there are some pretty valid arguments towards eliminated drivers from competing at certain points in the playoffs, it would rob teams of experience, money race wins, and fulfilling sponsorship obligations.

Unfortunately for final four driver Kyle Busch, who lost the championship to Martin Truex JR after coming up only a half a second short in the closing laps of the race, his chance at the title was seemingly ruined after being raced aggressively for several laps by Joey Logano. This apparently caused Busch to use up his equipment trying to get by Logano and Harvick and even complained about it during his post race interview.

“It wasn’t quite what we wanted there at the end,” Busch told NBC Sports after the race “I thought we had a really great race car, especially on the long runs we were really, really good. Just came down to there at the end not having enough tire when I got to the 78 (Truex), so I just overused my stuff, and I knew I overused my stuff when I was running with the 22 (Joey Logano) trying to get by him and just overworked everything and got to the 4 (Kevin Harvick), got by him pretty quick.”

Some might not agree with Busch’s comments and eve point to his constant complaining when things don’t go his way as proof that this is all he is doing, but its hard not to feel for him after coming so close to a second title. In fact, NASCAR should make some kind of change to its format to make sure that non playoff drivers don’t interfere with the championship. Either that, or suffer the consequences of more tainted championships.

What are your thoughts? Does Kyle Busch have a legitimate claim for why he came up short of the title? Should NASCAR do more to make sure that drivers don’t overstep their bounds when it comes to the championship, or should non playoff drivers be allowed to challenge for the win, even if it affects the outcome of the  championship? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Kyle Busch Calls Out Popular Monster Energy Cup Series Driver For Costing Him The Championship At Homestead

  1. Leave the playoffs the way they are. Kyle Busch is always pointing a finger at someone else. It’s never his fault. He’s just a cry baby!!

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