Kurt Busch Wants NASCAR To Make Huge Change To 2019 Schedule


Its not a bad idea to be honest.

Kurt Busch did an interview on Sirius XM NASCAR radio and while Busch did talk about a variety of topics during his time on the show, one of the biggest ones was the fact that he wasn’t excited for the 2019 Cup schedule. The schedule was released earlier last month and was a complete carbon copy of the one for this year.

“I just saw them [NASCAR] release the schedule and it’s a carbon copy in 2019 as it was in ’18,” Busch said on SiriusXM NASCAR radio. “Now, we need to shake up our schedule. There are plenty of racetracks that need to learn how to cooperate with the ISCs of the world, the SMIs of the world. “People [circuits] need to trade different dates around. I mean, we’re going to battle rain in Bristol this weekend and it might be 40 degrees [around four degrees Celsius] again for the third week in a row.

Interestingly enough, Busch also talked about the idea of NASCAR having one or two midweek races a year, which would be held in markets that were dying for a  Cup race. Busch listed, Nashville Speedway and Iowa Speedway as two examples of tracks that would be great to do this at, which would actually be two great short track night races for NASCAR to implement.

“It [midweek races] would work at a track like Iowa that is starving poor for a NASCAR race,” Busch said of having mid week races in future NASCAR seasons“Would it work one time? Yes. Would it work two times? I don’t know. But then there’s Nashville Speedway, Evergreen Speedway up in Washington State.”

With that being said and even a lot of NASCAR fans claiming to want variety in their NASCAR season, it should come as no surprise to NASCAR that this is something they might want to jump on and implement for future seasons. In fact, Tony Stewart’s successful dirt track races at Eldora Speedway, should be evidence enough that fans are hungry for a short track feel to a race!

“There’s tracks everywhere up the country that struggle to really hold the seating capacity that we really need,” he said. “But, are we trying to do that or are we trying to put in 40,000 people, pack the house, and create the electric atmosphere that Tony Stewart’s done at Eldora Speedway with the trucks racing there.”

What are your thoughts? Would this provide NASCAR the variety they need in their Cup Series schedule? If so, what tracks would you like to see be the midweek races? Let us know in the comments below!


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