Two Key Tampa Bay Buccaneers Players Placed On Injury Reserve

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It could always be worse.

Unfortunately for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers , who find themselves 4-7 after a 34-20 blowout to The Atlanta Falcons, things probably couldn’t get much worse after it was announced that two members of their offensive line would be place on IR for the rest of the season. This decision comes only a few days after Jameis Winston was cleared to start throwing in practice again and while some believe he will be good to go against The Packers on Sunday, others are worried that the missing pieces of Tampa’s o-line could leave him prone to another injury.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers , Right Tackle, Ali Marpet and Center, Demar Dobson, both suffered ankle injuries in last week’s loss to The Atlanta Falcons and have now been placed on injury reserve for the rest of the season. With that being said and two crucial pieces now missing from The Tampa Bay offense, its hard to imagine that The Buccaneers are going to fair any better in their matchup with the Packers then they did with The Atlanta Falcons last week.

Winston, who is currently embroiled in a scandal of his own after being accussed of sexually harassing a Uber driver last year,  has taken 13 sacks in the 8 games he has started this season and six interceptation as well. If nothing else, these factors will most likely contribute to Winston needing to get rid of the ball quickly during Sunday’s game against The Packers or risk further injuring his arm and being place on The IR list alongside his teammates.

The six interceptions are a probably as well, especially since Winston will be forced to get rid of the ball quicker due to his depleted o-line, which could lead to even more turnovers from the former Florida state quarterback. Either way, its not looking good for Winston and the rest of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but who knows, maybe Winston will be able to surpise Buccaneers fans on Sunday and walk away with a decisive victory over The Packers.

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