Kevin Owen’s Return Date Revealed!


Bobby Lashley shocked The WWE Universe when he decimated Kevin Owens and injured the prizefigther’s knee in a brutal post  match beat down. It. Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, the move was a way to write him off of television so he can have double knee surgery. Even worse however, is that the injury will reportedly keep him out for 4-5 months

Dave Meltzer talked about Kevin Owen’s injury time table on a recent edition of The Wrestlling Observor and claimed that Owens will be out until February or early March.  It is also being reported that Kevin Owen’s left knee was worse then what they expected and that the doctor didn’t have to do full reconstructive knee surgery, which is at least a positive sign.

With that being said, WWE’s decision to turn Lashley heel and write Owens off television was a very good decision. Furthermore, it gave Lashley the heel credibility he needed in order to make the fans hate him, which is leaps and bounds better than the nothing reactions he was receiving before this move.

Of course WWE  putting him with Lio Rush is a little annoying, especially since everything he says is so cheesy, but this is still something better than just being another face in the crowd like he was before. In fact, now he has a plethora of opponent options,  and maybe even a shot at taking on Roman Reigns for Universal title!

As for Owens, his character and storylines were becoming very stale before the injury and he will likely benefit from this time off. WWE could even bring Owens back as a babyface in February or March to battle Lashley and get his revenge on the man that injured him. If nothing else, it would make for a great WrestleMania match for both competitors and would be really personal as well.

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