Kevin Harvick makes controversial Statement about Kyle Busch during Interview

Without fail, the new aero package that NASCAR implemented at the beginning of the year is still raising controversies and the same continued during Monday afternoon’s race at Dover. Interestingly enough, however, fans seem to be agreeing with the new aero package this time.

Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that Kyle Busch, who tied Morgan Sheppard’s 11 straight top-tens in a season record on Monday, finished tenth and ripped the package at Dover. He also claimed it was impossible to pass during the race which was later backed up by others.

“The package sucks,” Busch said after the race, via Frontstretch’s Dustin Albino. “No f-ing question about it. It’s terrible. All I can do is b- about it and fall on deaf ears and we’ll come back with the same thing in the fall.”

With that being said, however, Kyle Busch wasn’t the only person to rip the aero package at Dover, as the eventual race winner, Martin Truex Jr, called it hard to pass. Kevin Harvick also chimed in on the matter during an interview Sirius XM’s NASCAR happy hour. with a similar sentiment

“You look at the things he does and places he races, those are big comments from somebody like Kyle,” Harvick said of Busch. “Look at the facts, my car was 17 mph faster through the corner than it was last year and 4 mph slower on the straightaway.

“That’s something the drivers have really talked about the last 3-4 years, getting the corner speeds down. That’s where some of the frustration showed up at Dover….  We’ve slowed the cars on the straight, but the center of the corner speeds are still up at most every racetrack we go to. So I understand and agree with his frustrations.”

The news comes on the same day that NASCAR announced that they would not be fining Kyle Busch for his comments made after The Dover race and also marks the first time that Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick have really agreed on anything.

In the end, NASCAR did announce rule changes to the aero package on Wednesday, which will allow teams to use aero ducts at Darlington, Pocono and Miami. While that may or may not result in better racing, it is at least a showing that NASCAR is open to the idea of changes to the make the package better.

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