Kane’s Status For Monday Night Raw Revealed

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Monday Night Raw superstar, Kane

Kane and Bruan Strowman battled it out On Monday Night Raw last week and while Kane has been known to be a fast healer, it appears that WWE wants to keep him off of television for awhile after the brutal attack from Strowman. Of course its not known what the official injury will be in regards to Kane, but one could speculate that it probably has something to do with the multiple chair shots he took to the throat.

According to WWE Rumor Roundup, ” There’s some talk that Kane will be off television for a few weeks to sell the attack from Braun Strowman on Raw this week.” While this does kind of put an interesting stop to the feud between Strowman and Kane, at least for now anyway’s, it also creates the problem of what Strowman is going to do for the next couple of weeks while he waits for Kane to return.


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Should Strowman go back to his typical squash matches that made him a big deal in the first place? If so, what other talent are they going to sacrifice in order to do that? They could also put Strowman in a program with his original leader, Bray Wyatt, but some might find that not worthy of Strowman’s time, especially since Wyatt has no conceivable chance against the Monster Among Men.

Then again, maybe WWE could take a psychological route her and have Bray Wyatt try to induct Strowman back into his cult to control him. Not only would doing so allow for Strowman to play the babyface when it ultimate doesn’t work out, it also gives Bray Wyatt a solid storyline and a chance to shine on the microphone like he always does.

The only problem with this scenario is what WWE would do when Kane returns from his injuries and how he chooses to attack Strowman. Maybe WWE could even do a swerve and have Bray Wyatt help Strowman take out Kane when he does return, but then have Strowman turn on his mentor and attack him in order to get a huge pop from the crowd.

With that being said, WWE needs to do something with strowman, or risk losing the monumental push that WWE has been given him over the past year or so. Sure, its understandable that Kane cant come back right away, especially since they want to sell the effects of his injuries at the hands of Strowman, but a stop gap for Strowman right now might be the worst thing for him.

That’s why WWE needs to give his ongoing storyline purpose so fans don’t lose faith in him like they have countless other big men that have come and gone over the past decade or so. What are your thoughts? What should Strowman do while he waits for Kane to recover? Let us know in the comments below and tell us if you think the storyline with Bray Wyatt would be a good idea.



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