Jeffrey Earnhardt Having Trouble Finding A Ride For The Daytona 500



There’s a lot of pressure on Jeffrey Earnhardt right now.

Not really, but there has been some media outlets pointing out the fact that if Jeffrey Earnhardt fails to make the field for They Daytona 500, it will be the first time since 1975 that an Earnhardt hasn’t appeared in The Great American Race. With that being said, and The Earnhardt name being one of the center pieces of NASCAR history, its not surprising that this has become a hot storyline during the off season.

Unfortunately for Jeffrey Earnhardt, who was released by The Motorsports Group at the end of the season  after Circle Sports parted ways with the team, his famous name just might not be enough to get the kid into the race this year. While that alone is terrible considering the fact that a deal for the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr could probably come together in a matter of days, it also doesn’t bode well for the kids future either.

Sure, Jeffrey Earnhardt has managed to compete in some races at The Cup level over the past few years and even finished 18th in points one time in the series, but he has failed to have a top five finish throughout his five year career and only has one top-ten in The Camping World Truck Series. If nothing else, this shows a bottoming out talent wise for Earnhardt and that’s not even something his famous name can save him from.

There is a silver lining to all this however, as one of Jeffrey Earnhardt’s crew members posted on Facebook that “We found an incredible opportunity that requires a certain level of sponsorship to make things work. In a very short period of time we’ve put together most of the puzzle. Out of respect for all involved Jeffrey has to maintain confidentiality until there is 100% certainty in sponsorship. With the Daytona 500 not far away this deal has to come together in weeks not months. Urgency to execute is understatement.”

With that being said and the dire words used in the Facebook post, its becoming very obvious that this deal isn’t going to be on the table for very long, leaving Earnhardt with little time to make this work. Hopefully a miracle will happen and well see an Earnhardt in The 60th running of The Daytona 500, but its really starting to look like that wont turn out to be the case.




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