Huge Update On Tim Tebow Joining The Mets In September


Tim Tebow is a bit of a controversial figure when it comes to sports.

Not for his relgious beliefs, although that has been the subject of a few of his controversies in the past when he played college football, but for how much the media ended up exaggerating his talent during his days as the starting Quarterback for The Denver Broncos. Of course Tebow was traded from the team after less then a year as their started and was used very sparingly with The Jets and The Patriots after that.

Then Tebow announced in 2016 that he would be pursuing a career in Professional Baseball and decided to hold a open practice for the 30 teams in The MLB to come check him out. He received multiple offers, but was eventually signed to a minor league contract with the Mets instructional team. He later hit a home run with his first at bat with his new team and was later moved to The Scottsdale Scorpions.

Tebow proved himself once again by batting a .94 in his 70 appearances at bat. He also had 20 strikeouts in 62 at bats and was eventually moved to The Columbia Fireflies, where he had similar success before being promoted to The St Lucie Mets, and hit another home run in his first a bad. With all those accomplishments in mind, fans are starting to wonder when he will eventually be called up to the join The Mets

“Never crossed my mind until about 10 days ago when somebody said it was likely to happen,” Sandy Alderson told reporters Friday when asked about the possibility of Tebow being called up from the minor leagues to play for his organization “I don’t foresee that kind of scenario.”

This of course comes after Tebow joined the Advanced Class A divisor earlier this year and had one RBI, a triple and a run scored during his last game. Unfortunately for The Mets, Tebow’s strong performance and attention he receives for his vibrant personality could cause distraction problems for the organization, especially with fans constantly asking when or if Tebow will be brought up or not.

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