Huge Update On Monster Energy’s Future With The NASCAR Cup Series


How desperate is NASCAR right now?

They already looked insanely desperate last season by making Monster Energy their title sponsor for far less money and far less of a period of time  then Sprint was and they are now looking more desperate by announcing that they would be giving the energy drink sponsor an extension period to decide whether they want to continue with the sport or not.

Monster Energy was announced as NASCAR’s new Cup Series title sponsor in 2016 and while the company is signed on to be the official sponsor for the 2018 season, they are not very sure about their future with the sport. Unfortunately for NASCAR, that means they could be looking for a another new Cup Series sponsor for the second time in three years if Monster Energy decides to back out.

According to NASCAR President, Brent Dewar who spoke with MRN’s NASCAR Live,”They( Monster Energy), signed late in the season. I worked with them very closely in bringing them to the sport. They were just looking to have a full season. They had to Dec. 31 (to determine if to agree to the renewal). We’ve given them an extension to go through the evaluation.”

Again, this is not good news for NASCAR, who has already suffered a fan exodus due to their excessive changes of the format and their recent slew of veterans retiring from the sport completely hasn’t really helped NASCAR maintain fan interest either. With that being said, maybe Monster Energy sees the writing on the wall and wants to get out before the sport actually implodes on itself.

In the end, its not a great time to be a NASCAR fan right now and the addition of sponsorship woes only makes things that much harder. Hopefully NASCAR can ink a deal with Monster Energy, maybe even for the long term and be able to focus on getting fans back into the sport from there. What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments below!


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