Huge Backstage Update On Recent NXT Call ups

WWE debuted a number of NXT Superstars on Raw and Smackdown Live this week, but one has to wonder if these additions to the main roster are permanent or not. Furthermore, one has to wonder who was exactly behind the call ups in the first place

According to Dave Meltzer, the call ups were Vince McMahon’s idea and apparently they are permanent. In fact, Meltzer claims that the NXT superstars will now compete on Raw and Smackdown Live in addition to NXT as well.

Whether this remains the case going forward remains to be seen, but The WWE Universe’ negative response to some of the call ups and how it was handled, might nip this plan in the bud. Another thing that will likely ensure it fails is the reported lack of communication McMahon gave for the idea.

With that being said, one has to wonder what Vince McMahon is doing here. Now that’s not to say that calling up NXT superstars was a bad idea, but the way it was executed was disastrous. Beyond that, it the idea of these stars working three shows could prove to be a bad decision as time goes on.

In the end, maybe Vince McMahon needs to let Triple H book The NXT talent and stop trying to creating stars when he doesn’t know what makes them special in the first place. If nothing else, Vince McMahon just isn’t in touch with what wrestling is today and that fact was proven during this week’s programming.

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