Hailie Deegan makes controversial statement during Dale Jr Download

Hailee Deegan.

Whether you like it or not, she is currently one of the most dominant women in a male dominated sport and is continuing to surpass milestone after milestone along the way. She has also shown an aggresive side behind the wheel that isn’t making her a lot of friends, but helping her get noticed.

Deegan, who describes her self as not your typical 17-year-old girl on Twitter, has already amassed two wins The K&N West series and sits second in points at the moment. She is also rumored to be moving up to The Camping World truck series next season, which is a huge accomplishment too.

With that being said and Deegan having the spotlight always on her, it only makes sense for her to make an appearance on The Dale Jr download podcast. Interestingly enough, she had some very choice words to say about the sport of NASCAR and her role in it.

“I love social media,” Deegan said during the interview with Dale Jr, “I think people in NASCAR don’t use it enough and there’s so much you can do with it. There’s this platform where you don’t need announcers telling the story. You can do it yourself. If you want to state your opinion if somebody’s wrong, you can do it on social media.”

This comment comes after weeks of complaining about NASCAR drivers needing to be more engaged with fans, which shows that Deegan is not only a powerful voice for the sport of NASCAR, but also for the fans who take the time to watch racing every weekend.

That wasn’t her only bombshell however as the rising star discussed what she wanted her lasting legacy to be in the sport of NASCAR. she even outright stated that she wasn’t a model and wanted to be known as driver more than anything else!

In the end, I’m a racer, I’m not a model, obviously. I lost about a foot of my height for that. And in the end, I’m not trying to be one. I’m trying to be a real person. Try to be a racer. You don’t see Jimmie Johnson out here modeling, you don’t see Kevin Harvick modeling, so why should I be if I’m trying to be an upcoming racer trying to make it in this world.”

In the end, Deegan is that rare voice in NASCAR that is both young and very wise for her age. She also seems to be very aware of the problems that plague the sport and wants to do everything she can to help turn the tide in NASCAR’s favor.

She has also made it quite obvious, even more so in her interview with Dale Jr that she is indeed there to race and not to model for anyone. Her passion lies in stockcar racing and whether other drivers or even fans like it or not, she is going to continue to do what drives her.

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