Former WWE Superstar Reveals Controversial Vince McMahon Segment That Almost Aired



WWE has made some questionable decisions in the past when it came to storytelling, but nothing seems as absolutely out there as the idea  former WWE Superstar, Enzo Amore, said almost aired. Amore did an interview with The Store Horsement podcast and told listeners about a pretty out there idea that McMahon had for Amore’s storyline angle with Nia Jax.

I mean look at that Nia / Alexa Bliss WrestleMania blow-off. What do you think was gonna happen? How else could I get full-blown heat? Amore said during the interview, ” Enzo Amore with the grey area trying to get full-blown heel real, real f**king heat. How do you do that? I’m using Nia as a heater to keep my title and I get caught hooking up with her best friend backstage. Bang, that’s how you do it. Nia didn’t know that. Alexa didn’t know it. I knew that because Vince told me […] I was just toying along with her I wanted her to win me matches, I wanted her to be like Chyna.””

Interestingly enough, this does line up with the fact that WWE wanted to make Nia Jax into a full blown babyface and what better way to do that then to have Amore sleep with her best friend? In fact, that, along with the fat shaming and full on emotional breakdown on Raw would have been a very powerful way to establish Jax as a hero.

Jax has made it no secret that she has had body image issues throughout certain points of her life and while publicizing it so openly could have been an absolute career killer in The Attitude era of wrestling, it fits in so  perfectly with what WWE is doing now. Furthermore, it was would have been a beautiful way to combine realism and powerful images in a way that told a deep story.

Think about it! This could even be the reason why Nia Jax’s face turn didn’t really work out for her after Summmerslam. Not only was that evident by the way that the blowoff for the feud seemed severely underwhelming, it also could have been the reason that they took the title off of her so quickly.

That was really unfortunately too, especially after she was put over in a back and forth match against Asuka, but it didn’t serve as a powerful enough of a mechanism to launch Jax to the top of the heap With that being said, and the Women’s revolution still in full force at that point in time, it could have been a huge mistake to do that, especially in today’s political climate.

Another reason that it seems like a bad idea is the amount of young children that watch WWE now and the disastrous message that the storyline could have given them. Then again, it would have been the perfect way to get the younger fans behind Jax as a hero and cemented Bliss and Amore as the heels that other superstars can only dream of, but was it ethical?

In the end, the segment never aired due to Amore being fired after he was accused of sexual assault by a women in Phoenix, but should it have? On one hand, the idea was that rare chance in history to set a precedent in The Women’s revolution and solidify someone as a bayface for years to come. On the other hand however, it was also in poor taste and not  appropriate for younger fans.

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