Five Tracks That Should Replace Homestead Miami For Championship Weekend

#1 Daytona

Say what you want about the luck based nature of tracks like Daytona and Talladega, but if NASCAR were to move The Daytona 500 to the end of the season, it would not doubt be one of the most popular moves the sport could ever make. Not only would it finally put NASCAR’s version of The Super Bowl at the end of the season, it also gives the championship four a challenge that they have never faced before.

Just imagine how many hours of thrilling hours of racing fans would be treated to as the four best drivers of the season all battle it out in the pack to come away championship. The states would be at an all time high, the risks would be immense and who knows what drivers would actually do to each other on the last lap in order to come out on top.

It might be a recipe for disaster and its hard to argue that its not, but it is also one of the best chances NASCAR has to make the last race of the year something that will fans will never forget. Again, safety might be a problem for some of this, especially with the do or die nature that accompanies all super speedway racing, but NASCAR has towed the line between safety and excitement before and this would be no different.

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