Five Tracks That Should Replace Homestead Miami For Championship Weekend

#4 Talladega

Maybe its just the masochist in me, but having the championship race at Talladega supers speedway, especially if they could eventually do it at night, would probably be enough to bring even the most stubborn fan back into the sport. Not only would Talladega literally be the perfect mix of luck, skill and drama, it also would also make for the most exciting racing in the sports history and really raise the stakes for the championship race.

Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, having this race decide the championship would also raise safety concerns for drivers and fans and could end up cheapening the meaning of the championship if it is won in a dirty fashion. With that being said, it could work if NASCAR takes the right precautions to make sure everyone is safe, but it could still face a lot of backlash from fans for various reasons.

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