Five Tracks That NASCAR Should Remove From The Cup Series Playoffs

#5 Kansas Motor Speedway replaced by Bristol

Sure, some might think that the addition of a third short track race is overkill in the playoffs, but when you consider the cluster of cookie cutter tracks that are used during the post season, it really doesn’t seem all that obsessive. In fact, having Bristol Motor Speedway in the playoffs would be a great way to create more exciting racing into the postseason and maybe even open the door to more rivalries.

As for Kansas Motor Speedway, it has served as a fine playoff host for the last couple of years, but just doesn’t emit the same amount of energy that a race at Bristol would. Maybe some fans will disagree and point to the multiple racing lanes available at KMS and the high speeds that only add to the intrigue of the race, but it just doesn’t compare to having championship contenders battle it out in the quarter mile bull ring that is Bristol.

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