Five Tracks That NASCAR Should Remove From The Cup Series Playoffs



While 2018 marks the first time in four years that NASCAR hasn’t made any large scale changes to their playoff system, segment racing or rules, it is also the first year that NASCAR has made some pretty bold changes to their playoff schedule as well. Of course the first big change occurred a few years ago, when NASCAR swamped New Hampshire for Chicagoland, but that pales in comparison to what NASCAR did this year.

, NASCAR’s first round of the 2018 playoffs now consists of a race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a night race at Richmond and for the first time ever, a Charlotte Motor Speedway road course! Not only are these additions to the playoff a great way to switch things up and move closer to the perfect post season schedule, it also begs the question of what other races need to be eliminated in order to make room for more exciting races.

Here are five races that should be eliminated from the playoffs and the races that should replace them. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us if you think that NASCAR should add different tracks to the playoffs then the ones selected below!

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