Five Things You Won’t Believe Jeff Gordon Actually Said During An Interview This Week

Jeff Gordon,
The man, Jeff Gordon.


Jeff Gordon.

Whether you love the guy and the way he dominated the sport for multiple years or you hate him for doing just that, its hard not to admit that he is one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers and the reason for its success. In fact, Jeff Gordon, who entered The Cup series in 1992, was a fresh face that the younger crowd could get behind, which made him a huge hit with the ladies at the race track.


With that being said, not all that glitters is gold, and not everything that comes out of Jeff Gordon’s mouth is gospel. He has made his mistakes in the past when a microphone was in his face, mainly the Stewart incident at Martinsville back in the 2000’s and the brawl at Texas Motor Speedway with Brad Keselowski , but its even worse when he sits down and intentionally lets these kinds of things come out of his mouth.

What kind of things you ask? Well, Jeff Gordon did an interview on Undeniable with Joe Buck, and while the interview did have a lot of cool nostalgic moments, it also had a few scary and ridiculous ones as well. In the end, you can decide for yourself what you think of what Gordon said and if it damaged the sport in anyway, but here are five crazy things he said during the interview with Joe Buck.

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