Five Things You Won’t Believe Dale Earnhardt Jr Said On Twitter This Week

#1 Admits he’s whipped now

Marriage changes everything!

Dale Earnhardt Jr might have been a 14 time most popular driver and one of the most success Earnhardt’s in stock car racing history, but he is also a married man now. With that being said, the former Cup Series driver admitted to his multitude of twitter followers that he was now indeed a whipped man for his wife Amy.

I listen to my wife. So much so that I’ll try to make a sink out of a block of granite when she requests it. Props to anyone who made anything out of a block of granite before the invention of modern tools. That is all.

Of course this is just play and its great to see Dale Earnhardt Jr be the southern gentleman that he has proven to be countless times, but this has to be a dream for Dale jr haters who find him to be the most overrated driver of all time. Whether that matters or not is up to you, but don’t be surprised that he gets some criticisms for it.




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