Five Things You Won’t Believe Dale Earnhardt Jr Said On Twitter This Week

#4 Dale Jr reminisces on talking to a track bar

While Dale Earnhardt Jr probably wasn’t able to always see the air in the same way that his father did, he is one of the drivers known to be able to become one with his race car. In fact, a fan on twitter even told the 14 time most popular driver of the year that his favorite in car audio moment of Dale Jr’s career was when he jokingly talked to his track bar.

“I don’t know, let me ask it. a fan said reminiscing on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s greatest in car audio moment,”Track bar, are you helping me?” is probably the greatest line from behind the wheel of a race car.

Dale Jr responded with the following!

“Sometimes you can cross the line from likable smartass to annoying jackass. That was a close one there that day.”

Its nice to know that Jr knows that he crossed the line, but its hilarious that he would do something like that during a race.




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