Five Things You Won’t Believe Dale Earnhardt Jr Said On Twitter This Week


Dale Earnhardt Jr is a very interesting man.

Of course that is becoming more and more obvious by the day with what he tweets now that he isn’t in the racecar every weekend, but it is just so refreshing to see such honesty from the 14 time Most popular driver and two time Xfinity Series champion. In fact, Jr took some major swings on twitter this week and one of them was a huge critique of NASCAR!

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#5 Criticizing NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr has become very vocal on twitter lately.

Along with the other four items on this list, Jr wrote a pair of tweets that were seemingly a knock at how Fox Sports handles their coverage of NASCAR racing every week. While the broadcast organization wasn’t mentioned in either of the tweets, Jr seemed absolutely dismayed that he was no longer able to follow information about what’s happening on the race track.

I am really surprised at how challenging it is to follow along with the happenings at the race track on the weekend when you are not physically there Jr told his followers on Twitter. He tweeted again a little bit later to reiterate what he really meant by that, but its pretty sad if Jr is watching NASCAR from a fan standpoint now and not liking what he sees.

I’ve got to get adjusted. Jr later tweeted,”  Guess I was spoiled with so much access to information being at the track.

With that being said, hopefully NASCAR makes some necessary changes in the way that they cover the sport and maybe ease of on some of their restrictions. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below  and tell us what you think some of the pros and cons of covering  the sport differently would be.


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