Five Things You Need To Know About Kyle Busch Going Off On A Fan At Bristol

#1 Busch firing back.

Kyle Busch was repeatedly dogged on twitter after Saturday night’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway and while fans seemed to throw their best material at the former champion, he fired it right back. In fact, he even took to twitter to address the haters and claim that he enjoys the back and forth with everyone.

in one response, Busch tweeted that a fan must be new after they claimed that Busch was the most arrogant driver he had ever seen in his life. Another fan claimed that Busch forgot to mention that he wrecked Martin Truex Jr in the closing laps of the race, which Busch responded by wondering what fans hear when they see his mouth moving.

By far the best one though was when a fan tried to argue that Busch had too many men over the wall during a pit stop and that he should have been penalized for the incident. Busch tweeted the fan back by saying that the sixth person was legal and that fans must really be eager to find anything wrong with what the #18 team does.

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