Five Things You Need To Know About Kyle Busch Going Off On A Fan At Bristol

#3 Implications for future races.

Its no secret that the safety of fans and drivers should be the most important thing to NASCAR, which is why it will be interesting to see how the sport responds to this incident. In fact, according to a report from ESPN, part of the reason that a fan was able to get so close to Busch during the incident was due to the layout of the infield.

According to,”Bristol is one of the few tracks where drivers must walk through a tunnel to outside the grandstands, where they often get in golf karts to be driven to their motor homes. Fans who are also in the infield can use the tunnel at the same time as the drivers, and those fans with grandstand tickets often line the fence by the tunnel looking for autographs.”

With that being said, will NASCAR start to wait before releasing the fans or the drivers? Will they they beef up security to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again? Furthermore, will they make changes to the infield layout of Bristol and other tracks to keep things safer for drivers as they make their way to their motor homes.

According to a statement from Bristol Motor Speedway regarding the incident,” “Bristol Motor Speedway appreciates the fan accessibility provided by NASCAR drivers, and we will work to ensure that fans and drivers continue to have great experiences together at BMS,”

In the end, it will be interesting to see what NASCAR’s response is to all this.

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