Five Things You Need To Know About Kyle Busch Going Off On A Fan At Bristol

#4 Official statement

Bristol Motor Speedway released a statement on the incident between Busch and the fan, which claimed that Busch was signing autographs for fans when he was shoved in the chest by the fan. Busch then rose from the golf cart and got in the fans face. The statement then confirms that the officers and representatives broke up the altercation, but that no one was arrested.

“”Our security team has investigated a post-race incident where a guest repeatedly confronted Kyle Busch verbally and physically while he was signing autographs for fans,” the BMS statement said. “As Busch then prepared to leave in his golf cart, the individual struck the driver across the chest, and at that time, Busch confronted the individual. The two were separated quickly, and a uniformed officer pulled the individual to the side, allowing Busch to depart.”

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