Five Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About Paige

She dated Alberto Del Rio and almost married him.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio were an item for quite a long time and while the two did seem happy throughout much of it, they  also had many instances of a toxic relationship. They were found in public arguing to the point where Paige had to have a wellness check, they also had a domestic abuse incident, where Paige started to lie for him to avoid him getting in trouble.

The problem between them reportedly was bad enough to have the two be split up during the brand draft. Del Rio and Paige were even seen in Periscope making fun of WWE. despite all this Paige is still with WWE and is the leader of the group, Absolution. If nothing else, Paige has been forgiven many times and WWE most genuinely see the talent that glows from her to keep her around.

Either that or the movie!

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